Sun, 30/09/2007

Erindale College Community Education Program has again scooped the pool when it came to the awards for Adult Learners' Week, winning the Award of Excellence for the 3rd year in a row.

The College also won the awards for Service Contribution as well as Outstanding Adult and Community Education.

The Service Contribution Award went to Bob Le Febvre, the Manager of the Erindale College's Community Education Program.

When Bob took over the running of the program, it was not financially viable with only around 15 to 20 classes running each term with a total of only about 200 students attending.

As a result of Bob's innovative programming and his establishment of connections with community organisations, there are now over 80 classes every term with over 800 students attending.

Erindale College runs dynamic, innovative and diverse classes and consults with the community to keep the programs fresh and ensure that courses are relevant.

Links have also been developed with charity and community groups and have developed courses that cover all aspects of life in our community.

Representing Education Minister Andrew Barr at the award presentation, Mary Porter commented, "Erindale College is totally committed to providing cost effective and inclusive education opportunities for adult learners.

"Gone are the days when we will all have the same career for our whole working life, and Adult Education Week gives us the opportunity to focus on the ongoing educational opportunities that exist," Mary continued, "and none of us is ever too old to learn."

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Mary Porter Image Gallery 2007 - Image 33
Mary with Bob Le Febvre, the Manager of the Erindale College's Community Education Program