Sun, 02/12/2012

Mary recently held a function at her home to thank those who had generously volunteered to assist her during her previous term in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

During the course of the event, Mary made an effort to thank each volunteer personally for their contributions during the last four years.

“I was very pleased to host an event for all of the people who so generously contributed by volunteering their time and effort to assist me in my work in the community.

“Many of them devote considerable time as volunteers for me and I am very, very grateful for that,” Mary remarked.

Volunteers performed a diverse range of tasks during the course of Mary’s last term, including the distribution of flyers advertising upcoming Mobile Offices which allow members of the community to meet with Mary to raise issues of concern to them.

“The assistance of my volunteers allows me to connect with more members of the community so that I can help them with issues of concern to them.

“Because of the support of my volunteers, I am able to better represent my constituents—this is obviously a great benefit to the whole community,” Mary stated.

For further information about volunteering for Mary you can visit Mary’s website, or call 6205 0100.

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Mary Porter Image Gallery 2012 - Image 66
Mary with Wendy Pearse, Robyn Campbell and Alan Parkinson, all of whom volunteered for her during the her previous term in the L