Tue, 08/11/2011

Mary recently joined members of the Elsey Street Community Fire Unit at their community display at the Hawker Shops.

The members of a local Community Fire Unit (CFU) were handing out information designed to assist Canberrans to stay safe during the bushfire season which is now with us.

CFUs are established in areas that interface with bushland or grassland.

Members of CFUs are trained to protect the homes in their neighbourhoods until the ACT Fire Brigade can arrive to bring the situation under control. Volunteers work as part of a team to help minimise the destructive impact of bushfires.

Mary is a member of the Mataranka Street CFU and has been since its inception.

“Being a part of a CFU has been a really rewarding experience,” Mary said.

“Volunteers get to know their neighbours while at the same time learn skills which will assist in
defending their community in the event of a bushfire.”

The Elsey Street CFU was out in force to encourage Canberrans to prepare their bushfire
survival plans to help them to survive a bushfire. A bushfire survival plan sets out what
action people should take in the event of a bushfire. All Canberrans are encouraged to prepare their plans.

Further information about CFUs and bushfire survival plans is available at www.esa.act.gov.au