Mon, 11/07/2011

Recently, Mary officially opened the Interfaith Environment Healing and Meditation Garden project, which is adjacent to the Clare Holland house.

“This is a excellent initiative which really reflects the wonderful spirit of the Canberra community,” Mary said. “I am very glad to be part of today’s ceremony.

“This garden symbolises, in a practical way, the achievements that people can make when they work together with a common purpose, and also how all members of the community, of whatever faith, belief or culture, can do in caring for each other.

“This project could only get off the ground because of the uniqueness of the multicultural landscape in the ACT, where members of our community support communication and collaboration amongst one another, celebrating things they have in common as well as their unique cultural identities.

“The multicultural diversity of Canberra should be celebrated and strengthened by the work that is going on to establish this place of healing and meditation for people of all backgrounds and faiths. This is also a place that helps remind us of the importance of protecting and healing our environment,” Mary concluded.