Tue, 02/12/2008

This month, Mary received the highest recognition from the most prominent member of the Royal Family.

As part of this year’s Belconnen Festival, Mary was named “Dame Mary Porter” as part of the festival’s performance. In front of a large crowd, actress Camilla Blunden announced Mary’s new honorary title. In response Mary said she was honoured to be recognised and also said the greatest honour for her at the moment was her re-election as a Member for Ginninderra.

This year’s theme was ‘In Your Dreams’ and boasted a vast array of performers, artists and musicians.

An important feature of the festival was the sustainable theme and there were many stalls with information for people interested in improving their environment.

Mary was particularly impressed by the way the festival catered for the whole family by including performances for children as well as arts for adults.

“The festival demonstrates the strong community spirit in Belconnen,” Mary commented. “It not only shows the vast array of talent which Belconnen offers but it is also great to see people in the community getting together to enjoy themselves.”

“The Belconnen Community Service should be commended for organising such a vibrant celebration,” Mary said.