Mon, 07/01/2013

Mary recently attended a garden party to celebrate the contributions that volunteers had made to the Canberra community throughout 2012 and to mark International Volunteer Day.

International Volunteer Day, which takes place on 5 December, is celebrated all around the world. The day is an initiative of the United Nations and seeks to create an annual opportunity to recognise the amazing power of volunteerism.

“The garden party, organised by Volunteering ACT, was an excellent opportunity to thank those who so generously give their time to help others in the community.

“It is important to recognise that there are many, many different ways to volunteer. From working in projects to protect our heritage and environment, supporting sport, community education and community care, as examples.

“Without volunteers many of the important programs and initiatives that we enjoy day-to-day would no longer be possible. For this reason, I think it is essential that we celebrate this contribution and do all that we can to assist them.”

Further information about volunteering opportunities in the community is available from Volunteering ACT’s website,