Mon, 30/09/2013

Last month Mary visited the Belconnen Community Men’s Shed being completed in Page to see what the local community are doing to make a difference for men.

"I am never surprised by what people working together can achieve", Ms Porter said, "It has often been my experience that a great amount of success will result."

In February 2011, a committee was formed to create a place where Men could go to share with other men. The shed is auspiced by the Mosaic Baptist Church, Belconnen who have donated land beside its Community Centre in Page and it is hoped it will be open within the next two months.

Representatives from Belconnen Community Services and Indigenous Liaison services also joined in the celebration of the success so far, along with 'shedders'.

"The progress of the project has highlighted the giving nature of people in the Canberra community", Mark Quilligan, the Shed President, said, "there is always a story, often a sad one, that seems to prompt the gift, usually anonymously."

The finished shed will be fifteen by nine meters, fully insulated, air conditioned and with a toilet and kitchen, and activities on offer will develop with ideas thus far from metal work to wood scrolling.

Mr Quilligan said that all the hard work has been worth it. “There were many times when we thought we wouldn’t succeed, but we just kept going. Now we are almost at the end of one journey, so the next stage, a shed in motion, can be commenced. We hope we can reach out to isolated men In particular, and give them friendship and a new purpose in life.”

The Shed building manager, Gordon Cooper added “We’ve had an amazing response from the corporate sector, and we’d like to thank all the businesses who have contributed so far. Without their help it would not have been possible.”

“I am confident this great initiative will be of significant benefit to the wellbeing of the men that gather here”, Ms Porter said while congratulating the team today.

For more information check the shed website or contact the church on 6254-6565, or email