Sun, 31/05/2009

Winter is upon us, and we all know Canberra is getting cold. Especially now we think about those who struggle to make ends meet and keep themselves and their families warm and fed. Every year the Motorcycle Riders Association ACT organises the Motorcyclists’ Blanket Run to help make a difference. Mary has been riding pillion with Peter Major on the Run for a number of years now. Peter is one of the driving forces and the voice of the event which has been running for 28 years.

The Blanket Run is to not only gather blankets, warm clothes and food, but to raise awareness that motorcyclists are just ordinary people doing their bit in support of the community.

“The run is a demonstration of the goodwill that is generated when people work together. Once again the riders generously contributed their time and goods, raising over $2,500 to Canberra Community Care”, Mary said.

As usual the parade commenced at Old Parliament House and ended at Garema Place. The run provided an opportunity for members of the community to see motor bike riders in action meeting community need.

The MRA also promotes rider awareness and raises the profile of road safety through the message of sharing the road together.