Mon, 30/06/2014

Recently Mary officially opened the Covenant Care at Holy Trinity Southside Day Hospice in Curtin- a non-denominational centre which offers one day a week activities for people with terminal illness.

This South-side service comes a year after the Holy Covenant Anglican Church in Jamison started providing similar services for clients in the North-side.

“It is a ‘day with a difference’ that gives those with a life threatening condition, not only a chance to meet others facing similar circumstances, but also provides spiritual, emotional and social support outside of their homes,” Ms Porter said. “It puts life into their days- if not days in their lives.”

Both North-side and South-side centres are designed as an extension of palliative care.

“As you know, palliative care will affect most of us at some stage in our lives, whether as a patient, carer, family member, friend or a neighbour. This is why promoting the understanding of palliative care services and offering a range of different service options is important for our community,” Ms Porter said.

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