Sat, 31/10/2009

Mary recently said a special “thank you “ to the 130 library volunteers at an event held for all of those who have so generously provided their services to the community free of charge.

“I wanted to extend my gratitude to all the volunteers who work in and for our ACT Public libraries in appreciation of the invaluable assistance they provide,” Mary said.

Volunteers help in a variety of ways including assisting with English conversation classes, children’s activities, and in delivering the home library service. At the ACT Heritage Library, volunteers help with tasks like sorting, filing and dating ephemera that documents our city’s social and cultural history.

Almost 100 of the volunteers contribute to the Home Library Service by delivering books and other material to around 400 housebound
members of the community. The Home Tutor program and the valuable contribution of volunteers to the English conversation classes held in our libraries.

“Such services, provided by volunteers, can make a significant impact on people’s lives. The time and quality of work provided by all volunteers always deserves recognition,” Mary concluded.