Thu, 30/09/2010

Just recently Mary enjoyed another chance to join 115 volunteers, in superb conditions in the Lower Cotter, planting 2310 trees, shrubs and understorey species, together planting over 50 locally native species.

To quote Greening Australia’s report of the day, “the sun was shining, the air was warm and still, and digging was easy due to recent rainfall.”

“This work is important in restoring diversity lost through many decades of pine trees and the 2003 fires,” Mary said. “So far over 165,000 trees have been planted, promoting biodiversity and protecting our vital water supplies.”

Volunteers were fortunate to hear from David Freudenberger, Greening Australia’s Chief Scientist, whilst enjoying a BBQ lunch provided by the Macarthur and Mt Majura Scouts. He spoke about restoring three core elements of biodiversity, i.e. composition, structure and function. He said these include overstorey eucalypts, midstorey acacias, understorey shrubs and ground layer grasses and herbs that provide habitat structure for a diversity of wildlife; importantly restoring health to our water catchment and restoring community.

“Over many years now I have witnessed this restoration of both catchment and community and recommend it to everyone who can get out on the weekends to the plantings.” Mary stated

Further information can be found on Greening Australia’s website below.

“I would like to add my thanks to the volunteers, Rivers and Parks bushfire Brigades, and the Scouts,” Mary concluded.