Sun, 06/04/2008

Thanks to 1338 Greening Australia Capital Region volunteers, the hills around Canberra are now much greener.

Since 2005, Greening Australia have organised almost 250 events planting almost 64,000 trees and propagating over 218,000 plants.

Projects have included private land holdings as well as public land and over 80 private landholders have participated in at least one program.

The survival rate of the plantings has been in excess of 75% which is an amazing result considering the lack of rain the region experienced from 2005 to late 2007.

Much of the work has concentrated on the Lower Cotter Catchment. This is part of the ACT Land Keepers Program where the ACT Government and Greening Australia are working together to transform the degraded former pine plantation into a native woodland.

The aim of this work is to improve both the water quality and also the biodiversity of the catchment.

"Often in the Assembly we talk about climate change and the big picture issues, but working as a volunteer with Greening Australia gives me the opportunity to make a real and practical difference," Mary said.

"Community based organisations such as Greening Australia do an outstanding job in harnessing volunteers who want to work with like-minded people wanting to help make a real change," Mary continued.

Anyone wanting to work with Greening Australia can contact Haydn Burgess on 62533035 or by email to