Sun, 31/05/2009

Recently Mary launched the Most of a Fresh Food Market Tour Manual whilst touring the Belconnen Fresh Food Markets with students from Macquarie Primary School.

“This is one way to give children an interactive and exciting learning experience about all types of fresh food, but particularly about fruit and vegetables,” Mary said.

The Manual, an initiative of ACT Health Go for 2 & 5, provides ACT preschool and primary school teachers, their students and market tour operators with relevant and consistent information to get the most out of a school excursion to a fresh food market, as well as helping children learn about fresh food in the classroom.

Unfortunately some children and some adults are not eating enough fruit, and many of us are not eating enough vegetables. Energy-dense processed foods featured prominently in many children’s diets. Consuming these foods on a regular basis can lead to children developing long-term chronic diseases as a result of being overweight or obese.

Mary thanks Marie Efkapidis and the Belconnen Markets for the strong support of the campaign.