Wed, 30/09/2009

Recently Mary launched the ACT Government’s policy direction through to 2014. The Future Directions: Towards Challenge 2014, a plan of action aimed at improving the lives of people with disability

“The plan focuses on six strategic priorities that are clear statements about what people with disability want from their government and their community,” Mary said. “More than 260 people attended public forums to provide input into the development of Future Directions, as well as organisations.”

An ACT Disability Strategic Governance Group, comprising government and community members, was responsible for the development of the new policy framework and conducted the consultations. The group will also oversee the implementation of the policy and measurement against its goals.

“Good progress has been made in many areas. However, there is always more to be done to ensure real change occurs for people with disability,” Mary said at the launch.

Future Directions: Towards Challenge 2014 builds on the achievements of the previous framework Future Directions 2004-2008 and identifies key areas for government policy and service delivery to improve the opportunities and outcomes for people with disability in the ACT.

Ms Porter noted that work had already begun on a number of areas of focus. Copies of the policy framework and its implementation plan are at or 6205 7199.

“This document represents a significant step forward for government and community collaboration. By involving the community throughout the development we can be sure the new framework is action based and focuses on the most important areas,” said Ms Porter.