Sun, 04/09/2011

In early August, Mary visited the Kingsford Smith School to meet the new principal, Mr Stephen Gniel, to discuss the School’s restorative justice program, which Mary has been supporting.

Restorative justice is an approach to dealing with harmful behaviour that focuses on repairing the damage caused by the behaviour. It emphasises the needs of the victim, the offender and the wider community and seeks a solution that benefits all parties.

During the course of the visit, Mary was invited to join with staff and students of the School to celebrate the arrival of some exciting new play equipment.

The play equipment was donated by the School’s Parents and Citizens’ Committee who generously gave time and effort to make the purchase of the equipment possible. The new play equipment purchased includes tricycles and traffic signs, among other things.

“It’s really great to see members of the school community coming together to do something good for the younger members of our community”, Mary commented, “it’s just another wonderful example of the amazing bond between Canberrans and what can be achieved when we work together.”