Sun, 31/05/2009

Mary officiated at the launch of Public Education Week celebrated in May at the Canberra Institute of Technology’s Reid Campus.

“Public Education Week is a good opportunity for us to remind ourselves about the great benefits that quality education provides,” Mary said. “Access to a good education is a right we tend to take for granted, but is invaluable for both individuals and society as a whole.”

“The ACT Government is committed to ensuring every ACT student in every ACT school can develop to their full potential.”

The recent ACT Budget demonstrated the ACT Government’s commitment to public education, and its readiness to invest in education and training.

The launch of Public Education Week was held against a backdrop of information stalls, activities and demonstrations at the Canberra Institute of Technology, Reid. The marketplace atmosphere was designed to both celebrate public education and encourage students and adults to participate in further public education and to consider the opportunities that the institution offers.

The need to access vocational education and training is more important than ever in the current global economic crisis. They are important to keep our economy strong now and to ensure our community, businesses and all Canberrans are able to make the most of the new opportunities that will present themselves when the recovery begins.