Sat, 01/09/2007

For almost 25 years Les and Val Selkirk have operated their antique business in Canberra and for over 20 years they have been the driving force behind the ACT Antiques and Collectables Fair which is now held twice a year in the Albert Hall.

The Fair quickly became very successful. However, Les and Val believed they could make it even bigger if they were able to enlist the support of a service organisation to assist with the logistics, and for the last 16 years have partnered with the Rotary Club of Canberra City raising tens of thousands of dollars for local charities.

"We are very selective on the stallholders who we invite to be part of the Fair" Les commented. "It is very important that those who attend the Fair are confident that they are buying quality."

This year the Ted Noffs Foundation was the recipient with the funds raised to be used to purchase recreational facilities such as a billiard table as well as table tennis equipment.

Other local charities that have been supported over the years have been Bosom Buddies, PANDSI, The Richmond Fellowship and CANTEEN.

"We look for charities that don't receive the majority of their funding from government sources," said Les, "and all the money that is raised stays in our community."

"Les and Val are to be congratulated for the role they have played in creating this great Canberra institution," Mary Porter commented, adding "we are fortunate to have such people as members of our community."