Mon, 30/11/2009

Mary was recently asked to host the African Australian Association ACT Inc. (AAA), African Leaders Reception at the Legislative Assembly.

Speaking at the Reception she thanked the leadership of the African Australian Association for the work it does in assisting members of the African Community here in the ACT.

Mary takes great interest in the experiences of others who have come from other countries to study or to settle here.

“Having migrated to Australia myself from England as a child, I understand the challenges that people face as they try to settle in a new country, “Mary said.

People can have left loved ones behind or experienced traumatic circumstances before arriving in Australia.

Giving migrants and refugees a good start obviously helps, both during and post settlement.

New and emerging community groups play a vital role in assisting new migrants settle into the community, and build important relationships with people with similar life experience, as well as with other members of the wider community.