Sun, 02/12/2012

Mary recently attended Greening Australia’s 30th annual review and anniversary celebration.

Greening Australia is a national organisation which works with the community to protect the health and productivity of land throughout Australia.

Greening Australia has a long history. It can trace its roots back to the National Tree Program, an initiative of the Commonwealth Government which began in 1982.

In 1998, Greening Australia received the great privilege of being admitted to the United Nations Environment Program Global 500 Roll of Honour, an honour bestowed in recognition of Greening Australia’s work to improve the environment.

“I have had a long-term, personal commitment as a volunteer with Greening Australia working on re-greening the ACT. My role with Greening Australia has been very rewarding and it is a commitment I intend to keep into the future,” Mary said.

Mary encouraged more people to get involved, as she said, “it’s a great family activity, or something to do as workmates, I would encourage everyone to get involved.”

Further information about Greening Australia and its work is available at