• Mary Porter

Mary Porter AM (Retired MLA)

Labor Member for Ginninderra in the ACT Government from 2004 until retirement, Feb 2016

Students’ Ride on Track

    From the Porter Report August 2015 - Students’ Ride on Track

    Mary Cutting the Ribbon with Madison PowerMary Cutting the Ribbon with Madison Power

    Recently Mary officially opened a new bike skills track at Charnwood-Dunlop School in conjunction with the Ride or Walk to School initiative. The bike skills track was developed by the students’ leadership team as a response to students wanting more outdoor activity and, at the same time, incorporating their keen interest in bikes.

    The track has been designed by local contractor, Darren Stewart of Makin’ Trax, while the landscaping was installed by local company, Out and About Landscaping.

    “Importantly the track will be open for other schools to utilise and open after hours for the community to use as a whole, Mary said.

    “Schools are a focal point for any local community. This project brings together students and teachers, in partnerships with surrounding schools, community and business organisations and the local community, Mary said.

    “Thank you to all at Charnwood-Dunlop School who have made possible this valuable community gift,” Mary concluded.