• Mary Porter

Mary Porter AM (Retired MLA)

Labor Member for Ginninderra in the ACT Government from 2004 until retirement, Feb 2016

Second End of Life Forum

    From the Porter Report August 2015 - Second End of Life Forum

    Recently Mary hosted a second End of Life Forum at the ACT Legislative Assembly as part of her ongoing efforts to provide the community with an appropriate space to discuss end of life issues. The Forum, attended by many members of the community, was an effective platform for well-informed discussions that produced many recommendations for the ACT Government.

    The forum was addressed by keynote speaker Dr Wendy Bonython, an Associate Professor in law at the University of Canberra who holds a PhD in molecular medicine and a Juris Doctor degree in law.

    “The objective of this second forum was to open up the conversation to a wider section of the community to promote a continued discussion around end of life issues, Mary said.

    “The varied views and opinions of the community members who attended not only created much-needed respectful debate, but also helped to broaden the views of many and better inform the community of the multitude of factors impacting the end of life, Mary said.

    “The discussions produced recommendations which all aim to respect individuals and positively continue this important conversation,” Mary concluded.