• Mary Porter

Mary Porter AM (Retired MLA)

Labor Member for Ginninderra in the ACT Government from 2004 until retirement, Feb 2016

Celebrating a Decade of ACT Restorative Justice

    From the Porter Report March 2015 - Celebrating a Decade of ACT Restorative Justice

    Mary with John Hinchey, Victims of Crime CommissionerMary with John Hinchey, Victims of Crime Commissioner

    Last month Mary attended a ceremony held at the ACT Legislative Assembly to commemorate the major milestone of celebrating a decade of operation for the ACT’s Restorative Justice Unit.

    In Canberra, Restorative Justice has been very successful in meeting the needs of people affected by crime well as assisting offenders understand the harm that their behaviour causes.

    At the ceremony, certificates were given to recognise the many efforts of those involved in this wonderful initiative, including ANU Professor John Braithwaite, Chief Magistrate Lorraine Walker and Victims of Crime Commissioner John Hinchey to name a few.

    “Restorative Justice is the most effective way to ensure recurring offenders understand the impact of their crimes on friends, family, those offended against and society as a whole. This is the key to find ways to help them turn their lives around and not re-offend, Mary said.

    “I am immensely proud of how much our ACT Restorative Justice Unit has achieved and how successful it has been with dealing with victims of crime, young offenders and their supporters, and I look forward to the introduction of the second stage which will include adult offenders.” Mary Concluded.